Protxx addresses the urgent need for more effective tools to monitor and minimize cumulative head impact exposure risks over time, even in the absence of concussion symptoms. The company’s Proactive Head-Injury Prevention & Management System helps supervisory personnel to:

  • monitor and quantify the cumulative sub-concussive head impact loads that athletes are exposed to during training and competition;
  • correlate impact exposure with other performance assessments and clinical data;
  • assess the efficacy of safety programs, teach safer playing techniques, maintain athlete performance, make more comprehensive remove-from-play and return-to-play decisions, and meet ever-stricter regulatory requirements.

The Protxx dosimeter can also provide corroborating remove-from-play guidance and subsequent return-to-play guidance, based upon precision measurements of vestibular-motor balance impairments that manifest themselves as increases in medial-lateral and anterior-posterior body sway. By quantifying the magnitude and temporal evolution of this key physiological impairment resulting from cumulative sub-concussive head impacts, the Protxx sensor can determine when such impairments have abated, providing objective support for return-to-play decisions.

Annual per-athlete platform-as-a-service pricing includes the sensor, the app for all supervisory personnel, the supporting cloud data platform to ensure that updated safety and performance status for every athlete is at the fingertips of all required supervisory users, and all required training and technical support.

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