make the game safer

with the protxx wearable sensor, real-time athlete biometrics that lead to early intervention and safer play are now available right on the field.

the way we handle impact injuries in sports today is broken

insufficient testing

unreliable identification of concussions puts athletes at significant risk

no assessment of sub-concussive head impact injuries, or related orthopedic injuries

unsafe procedures

athletes are only removed from play when symptoms are so severe that injury is immediately obvious

neurological and orthopedic trauma are allowed to build up over time, leading to long-term degenerative effects

growing concerns

growing awareness of long-term brain injury risks is driving up medical and legal costs in sports

declining participation is threatening viability of many youth and collegiate sports

protxx tackles the most pressing impact injury concerns

quantitative injury risk management

real-time monitoring of cummulative impact exposure enables more comprehensive remove-from-play protocols

neurological and orthopedic fitness snapshot through precision balance testing

data-driven insights

real-time data empowers early intervention and targeted treatment

analysis of injury severity and progression ensures athletes don't return to play until it is safe

growing functionality

monitoring onset and progression of impact-induced changes in neural, visual, vestibular, and musculoskeletal physiology

a huge leap forward

the protxx wearable sensor

one device, countless insights

Unlike neurocognitive testing tools that diagnose symptom severity after a concussion has already occurred, or concussion sensors in helmets and mouth guards that are plagued by helmet motion problems and mouthguard chewing damage, the dual –function Protxx head-mounted sensor provides actionable real-time data in a form factor suitable for athletes of any age or skill level and in any sport.

As a head impact dosimeter, it warns when cumulative impact exposures approach levels that could lead to permanent damage. As a precision balance monitor, it quantifies the severity and progression of impairments that result from impact-induced changes in neural, visual, vestibular, and/or musculoskeletal physiology.

the protxx mobile app

real-time analytics in the palm of your hand

The Protxx mobile app, coupled with a powerful analytics engine, allows sports professionals on the ground to implement more comprehensive remove-from-play and return-to-play protocols, significantly reducing the risks of neurological and orthopedic damage, and enhancing recovery from those injuries that do occur.

Leveraging support from the growing number of healthcare insurers who are reimbursing wearables for their members, the Protxx app monitors the onset and progression of physiological changes triggered by athletic impact exposure and automates athlete referrals to the appropriate healthcare provider.

MIT Sloan sports analytics conference

Protxx to present at the 12 annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, February 23-24, 2018 - Boston Convention and Exhibit Center, Boston, MA

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IEEE sensors 2017

Come and see Protxx at the IEEE Sensors 2017 Conference, October 29 - November 1, 2017 – Scottish Events Campus, Glasgow, Scotland

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IEEE Brain Sensors Workshop

Join Protxx at the IEEE Brain SENSORS Workshop, November 2, 2017 – Glasgow, Scotland

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