PROTXX helps athletes, parents, trainers, coaches, healthcare service providers, and insurance providers to more effectively monitor and reduce the risks and costs of injuries due to head impacts, improving health, safety, and performance on the field and in the classroom.

Despite their enormous healthcare costs and serious health consequences, concussions are now known to represent just the tip of the iceberg. A significant body of research published since 2010 has revealed that physiological changes in the brain resulting from the accumulation of many small direct or indirect head impacts, none of which on their own trigger any concussion symptoms, can lead to neurological injuries and long-term degenerative neural disorders for much larger numbers of athletes, of all ages.
PROTXX is shifting the focus of head impact safety, from trying to improve diagnostic tools for injuries that have already occurred, to monitoring and reducing the risks of injuries before they happen. Our innovative impact dosimeter platform, combining patented innovations in wearable sensors, impact biomarkers, and cloud-based data analytics, helps sports medicine professionals to assess the onset, accumulation, and persistence/abatement of physiological changes resulting from cumulative sub-concussive head impact exposure. The IMPAXX platform is the first solution to quantify both remove-from-play and return-to-play/return-to-learn guidance for head impact risk management, and can be deployed in any athletic, industrial, or military environment.
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