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Enhance Quality of Care


Reduce Cost of Care


Improve Patient Outcomes

Rapid Assessments

Collect the data you need to help make treatment decisions without the hassle of scheduling multiple complex, time consuming tests.

Tailored Treatments

Implement treatment and rehabilitation plans that address each patient’s unique impairment profile. Adjust in real time based on quantitative tracking of progress.

Quantitative Results

Address key limitations of subjective observations and patient self-reporting.

In-Clinic or At Home

Lower-cost, easier to use, wearable solution allows more effective collaboration between patients and clinicians.

Introducing the

PROTXX Clinic Platform

The PROTXX Clinic platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution integrates phybrata sensors and charging case, mobile app to configure and run tests, and a powerful set of cloud-based signal processing, data analysis, machine learning, and reporting services.

The Clinic platform is licensed to healthcare delivery and research teams studying and treating a growing range of neurological conditions.

The ability to rapidly deliver simple and intuitive test result summaries in the clinic or via remote patient care is transforming clinician –patient collaboration on the management of neurophysiological impairments.

Sensors charging case

Phybrata sensors and charging case

Intuitive mobile app

Cloud-based data services

Cloud-based data services

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise indicated, the products described on this website are not FDA-approved medical devices, and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, prevent, or otherwise effect any disease. These products are used by researchers and healthcare professionals to measure physiological metrics that can help them study and make decisions related to the health and wellness of populations of interest.

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